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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol my child at Collège & Lycée Saint-Charles?

Three steps are required for enrolment:

  • Make an appointment with the school headmistress.
  • During an interview, all the aspects of the curriculum and admissions are discussed.

Children are required to be present during this initial interview.

  • The parents have to complete the enrolment application and send it to the secretariat and pay the enrolment fee. The school will then confirm the enrolment of the student.
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What are the admissions criteria to enrol?
  • For primary school, to be motivated to learn in a multi-lingual environment.
  • For secondary school, depending on the grades, to pass French, Math and German entrance tests.
  • Great motivation to work in a multi-lingual environment.
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Do I have to be bilingual to be admitted in middle or senior school?
  • Not at all. The students who enrol in our school are accompanied at all times and receive assistance to make the transition as smooth as possible. The aim of a bilingual education is to enable young people to hone their language skills gradually over the years.
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Do you have a French high school?
  • We have two high school streams, one in French and the other bilingual French-English. Both are recognised by Swiss educational authorities and that enables students to be admitted to all Swiss universities.
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How can I contact teachers regarding courses and the teaching methodology?
  • You can use the online appointment booking platform which will allow you to make direct contact, or call the school secretary who will make an appointment.
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In bilingual classes, does the school follow the Canton’s study plan?
  • All the programmes taught at Saint-Charles are the official programmes of the Canton’s study plan. We use the same textbooks, which can be supplemented by teachers with their own lessons when necessary. Our school is recognised by the Canton of Jura which gives us the same rights and duties as a public school in terms of following the same school curricula.
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What are the advantages of a bilingual education by immersion?
  • They are manifold, from in-depth understanding of another language through subjects other than the language course itself to the learning of a vocabulary extended to very different fields of study, especially to the application of acquired knowledge in language lessons for daily practice.
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Is there financial aid if families cannot meet the terms of school tuition on an annual basis?
  • A scholarship fund for Jura-based student exists and it allows students living in the canton to attend our school. The school administration is at your service to answer your questions in complete confidentiality.
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